Difficulty: Beginner
Length: Quick

This time I will show you how to create a blog title using Ms. Office Publisher. It is a simple tutorial. Please, enjoy.

Tutorial Assets

We will use 2 types of fonts and 1 free background from Pixabay. Do not forget to install the font before you start.

  • FuturaExtended font

Get the Document Ready

Step 1

Create a new Microsoft Office Publisher Document (right click > new > Microsoft Publisher Document).

Step 2

In the toolbars > Page Design > Page Setup > click the little arrow to pop up the Page Setup dialog box. 

Step 3

We will create 560px x 315px page sheet. Follow the settings as shown below. If you can’t find the pixel unit in the dialog box, just simply type “px” after numbers and it will convert to inch automatically.

Step 4

Set some guides so we have vertical & horizontal rule. Go to Page Design > Guide > Add Horizontal Rule Guide > Add Verctical Rule Guide.

Preparing the Background

Step 1

Place background and set until it fix to your page sheets. Insert > Picture.

Designing a Blog Title

Step 1

Type your blog post title. Insert > Draw Text Box. Set the font, Home > Font. Please feel free to set your size and color. This time I use RGB custom colors: R=254, G=70, B=125.

It will looks like this:

Step 2

Create rectangle shape for your second title background. Home > Shapes > Rectangle. You can choose your own fill color, I use main black lighter 25%, anyway.

Step 3

Type your second title and set. Place the title above the background.

Exporting the Page Sheet

This is the last step. Because we usualy use image in blogpost, we will save the page sheet to image. File > Save As > type your file name > Save as type: JPEG. Do not forget to change the resolution to high quality (300 dpi).


That’s it! We’re done! Ms. Office is not for professional designers, it just helps you when your software design is in trouble or you do not have Internet connection to acces every blogger favorite website: CANVA. 🙂


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